Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jai Ho

Ramji and I were at the Abercombie and Fitch store to buy a few clothes. The store was a little crowded, dimly lit and great music was being played. They were all excellent songs and we were enjoying the music.

We were waiting in the long queue to bill our clothes. All of a sudden the music changed  - to Jai Ho. It was amazing! The elated feeling and the pride we felt at that moment for being an Indian was seen on the face of every desi that was there in the store.

That was the moment when I felt that we may be miles away from home, eating different cuisines, wearing western clothes but we are still Indians at heart.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

At the Rodeo

I moved to Houston in November 2008. Ever since I have wondered what is so special or interesting about it? I knew the answer in March 2009 when the "Rodeo" came to life. Last year same time  when I was in Florida my husband told me that he had lots of fun at the rodeo with his friends. Since I couldn't be a part of it I didn't pay much heed.

But this year a couple of days before the rodeo was open to public we happened to pass by the reliant stadium. I was thrilled. The whole scene unfolding in front of me was similar to the "Sutrula trade fair" which used to be held in the Island grounds in Chennai each year. I decided I was going to the rodeo to have fun.

I was not disappointed. A week later when my husband and I went it was cool!!! We watched bull taming, bull fighting and many other games whose names i cannot recollect now but the whole thing was real fun. When the night lights came out the whole arena was buzzing with activity and people. I had never seen so many people in the US at a single place! We went on a few rides, won a HUGE soft toy at one of the games and ate cotton candy.

That is not the end. A week later a couple of our friends had come over from the north and we took them to the rodeo. This time it was more number of people. I never knew there would be so many  rides at the rodeo fair; we couldn't cover even half of them. There was the giant wheel, mega drop (to which a couple of my crazy friends went), wave, Torah Torah and spooky house. I have never had so much fun at a fair before. It was a fun filled night.

I know some of us have different opinions about the rodeo hearing from different people but all of us need to try it at least once to know how much fun it can be.

Way to go... Rodeo!!!